[kde-community] Why were there no talks about Ubuntu Mobile at Akademy?

Thomas Zander thomas at thomaszander.se
Wed Aug 21 10:34:31 UTC 2013

On Wednesday 21 August 2013 10.59.29 Mario Fux KDE ML wrote:
> So here my two questions:
> - What could we do that this "Gnome/GTK Canonical people" would be
> better  informed about KDE Frameworks?

Maybe a good start is to work on having a better visibility of what 
frameworks actually gives developers.  I've found some blogs and a wiki 
page or two, but they all focus on work being done.
For outsiders new to this tech, its more useful to know which frameworks 
there actually are and how they may be used (i.e. which dependencies they 
pull in).

> - Where could we read/get more information about how the Ubuntu
> architecture  is built up? Could you tell use or give us some links?

Thomas Zander

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