D21313: Create specific directory for kdebugsettings categories file

David Faure noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Mon May 27 21:48:32 BST 2019

dfaure added a comment.

  My suggestion is to call this qlogging-categories5.
  The 'q' prefix is missing to make this qt-specific rather than cross-toolkit.
  The "logging" instead of "debug" is because this affects all types of messages, and this is all about what's called "logging categories" in Qt.
  The "5" will allow co-installation of the qt5 and qt6 versions of the same library (but it will require two versions of kdebugsettings, or that kdebugsettings looks in both places -- but that can be done later).
  I wouldn't name it after the application using this, because well, it could change name, and there could be more apps using this (e.g. akonadiconsole, kdevelop...).

  R240 Extra CMake Modules


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