D9446: WIP: Allow to autogenerate and install categories file

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Mon Jul 2 06:36:02 UTC 2018

habacker added a comment.

  In D9446#284822 <https://phabricator.kde.org/D9446#284822>, @dfaure wrote:
  > On the other hand it means that when you add a new category, you get to recompile *everything* :-)
  I understand what you mean, what can be solved by an additional include file that includes the header file for the created categories  e.g.
    #include <projectname>_debug.h
  where the file content is something like
    #include "log1.h"
    #include "subdir2/log2.h"
  may be with an additional parameter
    COLLECT_HEADER        # uses ${PROJECT_NAME}_debug.h
    COLLECT_HEADER    <filename>
  or by an additional function
         COLLECT_HEADER <filename>    # collect all defined category headers into this file
  Also an additional function has the advantage to be able to define a common destination file for *.categories files
         CATEGORY_INSTALL               # store category entries for kdebugsettings in ${PROJECT_NAME}.categories
         CATEGORY_INSTALL <filename>    # store category entries for kdebugsettings in this filename
  BTW: The parameter names are just proposals - there may be better names

  R240 Extra CMake Modules


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