Review Request 115395: Also pass -fno-exceptions when building with clang

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Tue Mar 4 22:22:45 UTC 2014

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Review request for Build System, Extra Cmake Modules and KDE Frameworks.

Repository: extra-cmake-modules


Also pass -fno-exceptions when building with clang

All of KF5 + kate + kde-workspace compile with clang and -fno-exceptions

The only problem related to clang and -fno-exceptions I could find was and that is fixed since
clang version 3.0 which was released in December 2011


  kde-modules/KDECompilerSettings.cmake 5225b167106481db700e4bd906a1063e737102d4 



compiled all of kf5 + kate + kde-workspace without any issues using clang 3.3

Would be good if someone with an older clang version could test it and see whether it works.
May also be related to the libstdc++ headers (4.8 installed here).


Alexander Richardson

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