Review Request 116598: Check versions for individual components of Wayland

Aurélien Gâteau agateau at
Tue Mar 4 15:53:26 UTC 2014

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Review request for Build System, Extra Cmake Modules, KDE Frameworks, and Martin Gräßlin.

Repository: extra-cmake-modules


First part of the diff makes sure find_package_handle_standard_args() gets a version number to check against.

Second part ensures we get proper results from pkg-config even if not all components are available. find_package(Wayland COMPONENTS Client Egl) was failing for me because I have Client installed but not Egl, causing pkg_check_modules() to not set any PKG_Wayland_${comp} variable.


  find-modules/FindWayland.cmake 21014fc 



Together with a change for kde-workspace, it fixes the build of kde-workspace on my system with wayland-client 1.1 and no wayland-egl.


Aurélien Gâteau

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