How to deal with the required version of extra-cmake-modules ?

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at
Wed Feb 22 18:35:15 UTC 2012


slightly different issue this time.

Let's say we'll release e-c-m monthly in the future, so there will be many 

Should all libraries which make up KDE frameworks require the same version of 
e-c-m ?
If so, we are again at the point where IMO we need one common buildtime 
dependency for all of KDE frameworks, as part of KDE frameworks.

If not, every repository from KDE frameworks will have to take care of 
requiring the correct version itself.

This will probably lead to problems, since I would expect that people will 
start to use new features of e-c-m without knowing that they need to increase 
the required version.
Let's assume say kui requires 1.2.3, and kio requires 1.0, then somebody uses 
a feature from e-c-m 1.1 in kio and it will work, because he already has 1.2.3 
due to kui. But for other people it may break, because they maybe don't have 


P.S. extra-cmake-modules will not be part of KDE frameworks, and so there will 
be independent releases

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