[kdepimlibs/frameworks] /: Make gpgme++ compile standalone.

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at kde.org
Tue Feb 21 17:15:54 UTC 2012

On Tuesday 21 February 2012, David Faure wrote:
> Git commit b92666b7afb2d5fe8935996f6da6019f13c61c26 by David Faure.
> Committed on 21/02/2012 at 12:24.
> Pushed by dfaure into branch 'frameworks'.
> Make gpgme++ compile standalone.
> Had to put a local copy of MACRO_BOOL_TO_01 into FindGpgme.cmake.
> What's the plan for that macro? ECM? CMake builtin? Not using #cmakedefine?

This was one of the macros where I thought it would be not necessary anymore.

#cmakedefine01 HAVE_FOO
should do the same, it should give
#define HAVE_FOO 0|1

If you can use that, I'll remove MacroBoolto01 and put it on    

Can you let me know ?


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