Strange commit to FindKDE4Internal.cmake

Modestas Vainius modax at
Mon Feb 20 20:29:38 UTC 2012


On pirmadienis 20 Vasaris 2012 20:56:04 Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> > Really ?
> > My original 2.8.3 binary package as provided by Kitware installs into
> > /usr/share/cmake-2.8/modules
> Debian also installs into /usr/share/cmake-<version>/Modules/. There is
> a /usr/share/cmake too, but thats from SDO and only from that one. But
> of course other distro's might be doing things differently.

On Debian, only cmake itself installs to /usr/share/cmake-<version>/Modules/, 
anything else installing there would be a (serious) bug. A few reasons for 
this are:

1) Directory has a major cmake version number embedded which already screams 
that it's private.

2) Library itself should install *Config.cmake file rather than Find* file. 
cmake 2.6 is almost 4 years old, no need to stay in the stone age.

3) If package/library needs Find* files for 3rd party libraries, it can setup 
required paths via *Config.cmake file so cmake will find them. phonon does 
something similar (iirc).

4) They key in KDElibs case is (as Alex said in other mail):

> CMake ships a very small FindKDE4.cmake, which searches for our lengthy
> FindKDE4Internal.cmake, which when found, does the rest.

But in general *Config.cmake deprecates the need for that small 

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