Standard for placing any template Find-modules with the original lib? (was: Re: Strange commit to FindKDE4Internal.cmake)

Stephen Kelly steveire at
Sun Feb 19 14:15:00 UTC 2012

Alexander Neundorf wrote:

> There will be the first release this spring or early summer, at the latest
> at the same time of the first KDE frameworks alpha/beta/preview/whatever
> release.

I don't see whay we should make a stable release before releasing kf5. I 
even think it would be a bad idea to release it before or with the summer 
milestone (It's not a normal release, but it is a milestone). That's not an 
alpha or beta and calling it a technical preview is the most sensible thing 
to call it. 

It doesn't come with any stability claims whatsoever, and everything about 
it will continue to change (which also means 'technical preview' could be 
seen as a bit of a stretch, but it's the best name we have, and it's just a 

When we get tp1 tags in the frameworks repos we can just make a tp1 tag in 
ecm too.



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