Review Request: Enable coinstallability of PyKDE4 tools

Luca Beltrame lbeltrame at
Wed Dec 26 10:52:16 UTC 2012

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Review request for Build System.


Currently, is symlinked to BIN_INSTALL_DIR as pykdeuic4
regardless of the Python version used for compiling PyKDE4, causing
conflicts and possibly installation errors.

This patch fixes the errors by generating first a version-dependent
name (e.g. pykdeuic4-2.7 for Python 2.7) and introducing a parameter
(PYKDE4_ALTINSTALL): if 0 (default), the version dependent name will be
symlinked to a version independent name (e.g. pykdeuic4-2.7 -> pykdeuic4)
otherwise only the version dependent name will be kept.

This is analogous to Python's own "make altinstall" used to provide
coinstallability of different Python versions.


  INSTALL 3d39b581de4a8fa3ff135e2ff457bd56a00763af 
  tools/pykdeuic4/CMakeLists.txt 115c777f34c55cb9f523c2829eb6aad5be6da8cf 



Tested with both PYKDE_ALTINSTALL=1 and nothing (default: 0).


Luca Beltrame

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