Improved export-sets in CMake

Stephen Kelly steveire at
Sat Apr 21 11:59:32 UTC 2012

Yury G.  Kudryashov wrote:

> Stephen Kelly wrote:
>> Alexander Neundorf wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> AFAIK there is still one feature missing in cmake which we'd really like
>>> to have.
>>> Currently it is not possible to install multiple target exports from a
>>> single project, potentially with dependencies between each other.
>>> I'd like to concentrate on the buildsystem in KDE in the next weeks.
>>> So, can somebody else please try to work on this and try to get it into
>>> cmake 2.8.9 ?
>> Yes, I'll give it a shot.
> I have some uncommitted work in progress. I'll merge it with master
> tomorrow, and push to gitorious.


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