and branches

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Thu Oct 13 20:39:32 UTC 2011

On 12.10.11 18:02:42, Torgny Nyblom wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm having issues with handling different branches for the CI bot at 
> Hence I'm asking what you think is the correct way of handling them.
> As I see it there are some alternatives:
> 1: One job per project and let that job mix results from all built branches 
> (Jenkins style)

I've just tried out jenkins yesterday and found that this particular
feature does not work in current versions of the git plugin anymore. Or
at least I couldn't find out how to make it work again (it works just
fine on our production hudson install, that is quite a bit older
though). See

And even if it works I find the way it works a bit cumbersome since each
branch triggers a new build-job and you cannot easily see at a glance
which build job relates to which branch.

So as Alex I'd do option 2 as long as the number of branches per project
stays at 2 or 3 at most.


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