a confusion beetwen cmake/ccmake and FindKDE4Internal.cmake

Guy Maurel guy-kde at maurel.de
Wed Oct 12 19:10:01 UTC 2011

Hello !

As rakuco wrote, this list is a better place.
This is a copy from my message and an answer from alex:
> Hello!
> I made an experience (little depressive) at the build of kdelibs.
> The tool ccmake is showing something erroness: The values of
> CMAKE_C_FLAGS and CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS are shown with -g
> One may change these values to another value.
> BUT the file FindKDE4Internal.cmake is stronger.
> The generated files flags.make contains the values from the
> file FindKDE4Internal.cmake
> It might be a "good" way, but a beginner (such as I) don't see
> anything, don't anderstand what is working.
> Could a comment (in the CMakeCache.txt/ at the results list)
> be generated to explain this?

The variables are set in FindKDE4Internal.cmake.
Setting a variable directly 
set(FOO "some value")
overrides any existing variable with the same name from the cache.
So if there was already a variable with the same name in the cache, but a 
different value (e.g. FOO="bar" in the cache), this will be overridden.

We will probably change this in the buildsystem with the transition to KDE 

If you want to help, join us on the kde-buildsystem list :-)

Once more, a beginner (as I) has problems to anderstand why the settings
he is doing with ccmake are not token to build the flags.make-files .
The precedences of the settings are not clear, at the beginning of work.
It tooks me long time to find out what happens here.


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