Building multiple source modules

Michael Jansen kde at
Fri Jan 21 01:01:39 CET 2011

> If you're worried about what that means, don't be: kdesrc-build just runs
> cmake and make like you'd normally do. If you can keep that working for
> individual projects *and* their supersets that would be awesome. strigi
> does /not/ work like that unfortunately: It must be built from the strigi
> supermodule, which then uses CMake to download and build the rest. That's
> fine as a one-off, but I really think *requiring* supermodules in order to
> build submodules is a recipe for a great deal of annoyance if that problem
> spreads.

Really? Didn't notice that. build-tool is building strigi in 5 steps and i did 
not notice any problems. 


I am skipping the strigi repo.


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