Fwd: Review Request: Add FindQtMobility.cmake

Stephen Kelly steveire at gmail.com
Fri Dec 2 16:49:29 UTC 2011

Alexander Neundorf wrote:

> On Thursday 01 December 2011, Stephen Kelly wrote:
>> Alexander Neundorf wrote:
>> > Hi,
>> > 
>> > how will the situation with QtMobility be with Qt5 ?
>> It is split into multiple components. QtPim, QtSystems, possibly others
>> which are now in gerrit.
>> > Will it be the same as it is now or completely different, like e.g. it
>> > will install a Config.cmake file ?
>> QtPim installs several Config files already.
> Qt4 or Qt5 ?

Qt5, sorry. When I said already, I meant already in the qt5 related 
qtpim.git repo.

> The proposed Find-module is for Qt4, right ?

It appears so, yes.

> If so, what do you think about adding any Find<somethingQt4related>.cmake-
> files to e-c-m ?
> I'm hesitating.
> I'm not sure it makes sense to start addign Qt4-related files to e-c-m,
> which we'll really start using with Qt5.

It won't make sense to start making releases of ecm until kf5 is ready to be 
released. I don't think putting this module into ecm now would help 
anything. If only plasma active needs it, then can it just stay in the 
plasma active tree somewhere?

If there is more reasons to put Qt4 stuff in ecm later we can think about 
that, but at this point, I don't think it's suitable to put anything that 
kde4 needs into ecm.



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