TestCocoon support for KDE build system

Sébastien Fricker sebastien.fricker at testcocoon.org
Wed Aug 24 08:04:07 UTC 2011

I guessing if there are some interests to integrate a support of
TestCocoon into the KDE build system.

TestCocoon is an open source code coverage tool which includes a
graphical interface and which instrument C++ applications up to the
decision/condition level.
TestCocoon would permit to collect the coverage information of the unit
test of the KDE project but also from each beta tester. This would give
a better overview of the test quality. Also it is possible to work on
differences between two releases, this permits to check if a hot fix is
correctly tested.

The integration into the build system should not be very difficult:
see http://testcocoon.org/coveragescanner.html#toc66 for an example of a
CMake configuration.

I could start myself to work on a patch, but I need first to get
familiar with the complete KDE build system. So I looking for somebody
which works with me on this implementation.

Sébastien Fricker - http://www.testcocoon.org

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