Automatic recording of required packages...

Michael Jansen info at
Mon Nov 1 17:50:17 CET 2010

> Also, I'd like us to stay as close to normal cmake behaviour as possible,
> and to use as few own cmake modules as possible (...I know I know).
> And the behaviour we are using with macro_log_feature() would never be
> accepted into upstream cmake. It works around the assumptions built into
> cmake.

Then cmake is fundamentally broken and refuses to fix it. When checking for 
dependencies check for all of them and tell me the results all at once.

This annoying missing dependency ping pong i used to play annoyed the hell out 
of me and many frustrated wannabe devs trying to compile kde.

1. call cmake with a long line of options. It complains of missing dependency 
2 Fire up your local package manager, install the dependency. 
3. Rinse and repeat a felt 100 times.
4. Get annoyed as hell.

That's why we have the current status quo and noone complained till you came. 
And you complain for technical reasons.

So yes i prefer the current way of doing it too.


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