kde builds on DragonFly

Raphael Kubo da Costa kubito at gmail.com
Mon Nov 1 17:35:29 CET 2010

First and foremost: I'm CC'ing the kde-buildsystem mailing list, as
Alex is probably more capable than I am to help you with these nightly
build scripts.

List: Alex Hornung is working on making sure KDE builds and works fine
on DragonFly BSD.

At Mon, 01 Nov 2010 08:07:10 +0000, Alex Hornung wrote:
> Hi Raphael,
> first off, sorry for taking so long to respond to that one bug, I'm
> still trying to set up kde builds without using pkgsrc.
> Currently I have the problem that, while I specify CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH and
> even the deprecated CMAKE_INCLUDE_PATH, to use '/usr/pkg', I still get
> compile-time errors for missing includes that actually are in
> /usr/pkg/include and link-time errors for libs that are in /usr/pkg/lib.
> Do you know how to get this to work properly with the include and lib
> paths in /usr/pkg ?
> Below is the build script I'm using.

Hey Alex,

I assume you are using these scripts for nightly trunk builds, right?

It'd be good to get a log of the issues you're having.

> --------------------------------------------------------8<--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> #!/bin/sh
> CTEST=ctest
> INSTALL_ROOT=/opt/kde4
> SCRIPT_DIR=/build/KDE/KDE/kdesdk/cmake/nightly-support
> # NOTE: The system is added automatically, so no need to add 'DragonFly'
> to the SUFFIX
> SUFFIX=gcc-4.1
> export CMAKE_INCLUDE_PATH=/usr/pkg/include
> export
> CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=/usr/pkg:/opt/qt4:/opt/kde4:/usr/pkg/databases/shared-mime-info:/usr/local
> $CTEST -V -VV -S
> $CTEST -V -VV --debug -S
> $CTEST -V -VV -S
> $CTEST -V -S
> $CTEST -V -S

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