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We recently made a change to FindPythonLibrary.cmake in kdelibs. Until now it always installed into 
the prefix of the found python interpreter which led to problems. I won't recite them but the 
decision was made that it should be changed.

Now kdelibs installs it's python stuff into the CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX path by default. If one wants to 
install into some other location the script supports the new CACHED variable 

I thought it would be nice to achieve consistence through kde and make pykde4 support the same. I 
currently have no idea how i am supposed to install pykde4 into the same prefix as kde. I previously 
used the PYTHON_LIBS_WITH_KDE_LIBS from FindPythonLibrary.cmake file. Which is no longer there.

To make pykde4 support that var the attached patches are needed. Now i would like to know if i can 
commit the changes. The following points should be taken into consideration.

1. ruby and perl bindings use CUSTOM_(RUBY|PERL)_SITE_... vars to controll where they are installed. 
The default is into the same prefix where ruby/perl are found. Changing that for python would mean 
inconsistency for kdebinding. I have never checked with any other binding.

2. python does not support some CUSTOM_XYZ var so it is currently  not obvious how to control the 
installation prefix.

3. Comitting the change means changing SIPMacros.cmake which probably will affect more than kde 
because it affects ADD_SIP_PYTHON_MODULE? CCed simon edwards for that purpose because he is the 
author. Without changing SIPMacros.cmake we can't make pykde4 honor 


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