Review of File to be Added to kdelibs/cmake/modules

Maciej Mrozowski reavertm at
Fri Aug 27 19:45:46 CEST 2010

On Thursday 26 of August 2010 20:59:21 Paulo Rômulo wrote:

> > > I'm intending to add the attached file to kdelibs/cmake/modules in
> > > order to conditionally build the Solid UPnP backend.

Using find_package(xxx) alone introduces automagic dependency (dependency that 
is determined at build time and cannot be overriden by the means of cmake 
configure options). Also commit message
 "Building Solid UPnP backend by default now. HUPnP library required." doesn't 
exactly say hupnp library is an optional dependency for kdelibs so it's not 
clear what your intentions really are.

So, if HUPnp backend is indeed meant to be optional:
- replace find_package with macro_optional_find_package (adds WITH_HUpnp CMake 
variable to switch on/off this dependency)
- add macro_log_feature just below macro_optional_find_package(HUpnp) - in 
such case message(STATUS "Building Solid UPnP backend." ) can be dropped 
(macro_log_feature will take the role of informing about that)

If HUPnp backend is required for kdelibs:
- add macro_log_feature (... TRUE... ) just below find_package(HUpnp)


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