Yury G. Kudryashov urkud at ya.ru
Mon Aug 16 12:52:58 CEST 2010

Andreas Pakulat wrote:

> On 16.08.10 12:16:41, Yury G. Kudryashov wrote:
>> Why you don't like the current situation? libktorrent installs
>> FindKTorrent into <prefix>/share/apps/cmake/modules. If it is installed,
>> kdenetwork should find it (if we add CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH ->
>> CMAKE_MODULE_PATH map), else it doesn't find. What's wrong?
> Whats wrong is that if ktorrent is not installed there's no way to give
> the user a useful error message. All you get is a 'no xxxConfig.cmake
> found' error from cmake, becuase no FindKTorrent.cmake is found (and no
> KTorrentConfig.cmake either). The point of doing a find_package(KTorrent)
> is to find out wether its installed or not, if its not installed you're
> supposed to give your users a useful message, preferably telling them
> where to get it. When the FindKTorrent.cmake is only installed if ktorrent
> is installed you're making that impossible.
macro_display_feature_log() displays all this information.
> Andreas

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