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Tue Nov 3 15:28:23 CET 2009

On Thursday 29 October 2009 19:49:09 Alexander Neundorf wrote:
> On Thursday 29 October 2009, Volker Krause wrote:
> > On Wednesday 28 October 2009 18:55:06 Alexander Neundorf wrote:
> ...
> > > As Michael already asked, can you give a bit more detail on this ?
> > > What I can imagine in issues is
> > > * updating required packages, e.g. Qt
> > > * stuff hangs while executing the tests
> > > Are there more issues ?

got another one, I was out of the office for a few days and 'svn' just froze 
for still unknown reasons, which blocked the automatic builds completely for 
a few days.

> > About 20% of the maintenance is compilation issues caused by my
> > environment setup, including:
> > - wrong/outdated dependency versions (I have basically every optional
> > dependency installed)
> Yes, this is something we just have to live with :-/
> > - icecream cluster problems
> Hmm, but you really do want to use icecream for the Nightlys ?

yes, the faster the stuff builds the more modules I can process per night :) 
I'm also very much looking forward to trying the parallel test run feature in 
cmake 2.8, but there's a number of tests that need to be adapted for that 

> > - I currently don't delete the install dir before building, which
> > sometimes can have side-effects (I tried that, but some of the tests rely
> > on installed runtime stuff from other modules)
> I haven't done that neither. But this would be a simple thing to do. I hope
> once we have some experience with running these builds, some
> FreeBSD/Solaris people and hopefully later also Mac people will join.
> > Most of the work is needed for the tests though:
> > - some require X
> You do that from a cron-job, right ?
> You could run e.g. vncserver, this would provide a X display for the
> applications.

I've currently solved that by allowing access to my own X session, but that is 
not is very ugly.

> > - many require D-Bus
> Do you start one already ?


> > - several of them hang and need to be killed afterwards, some even block
> > port numbers needed by subsequent tests while hanging
> Yes, I saw that too. This sucks. I'd say those need to be
> changed/excluded/something.
> Do you have a list of the problematic ones ?

I can probably compile one over time, based on the kill-list in my script.

> > - some flood my /tmp directory, so this needs to be cleaned up
> Sounds like those tests need some work.

I haven't really figured out which ones are doing this, but I know that some 
of my own ones are probably guilty here as well ;-) For now, I'm just 
cleaning /tmp afterwards.

> > I've put most of that into the simple shell script that actually runs the
> > builds, but I have to add new stuff there regularly. Additionally, some
> > of the setup is not persistent and thus needs to redone when the machine
> > rebooted after a power outage etc.
> >
> > > How are you doing these builds, are you using the ctest scripts in svn
> > > as e.g. kdelibs/KDELibsNightly.cmake ?
> >
> > didn't know about that, my attempts making it proper nightly builds
> > failed so far, therefore I'm still using experiemental.
> >
> > > If not, why not and what are you using instead ?
> >
> > a simple shell script, run by cron every night
> I just added the script I use (haven't run it for some time now already
> again) to kdesdk/cmake/scripts/, it's "Nightly-2.6.2". Please have a look
> at it. With the obvious modifications it should run also on your system.
> The ctest-scripts like kdelibs/KDELibsNightly.cmake use functions from
> kdesdk/cmake/modules/KDECTestNightly.cmake.
> If something there doesn't work as you need, let me know, we'll make it
> work.

I haven't had time yet to try it, but looks reasonably easy to adapt to by 

> > > I'd also like to have more projects there, e.g. kdebase, kdesupport,
> > > and everything else what's interesting.
> > >
> > > So what do you prefer ? Host all that on or move to
> > > (there you at least don't have to maintain the cdash
> > > installation, and we can ask Bill about the details).
> >
> > looks like already has a newer version installed than the
> > one, probably makes sense to move to that one.
> Ok, so let's move to

I've switched my kdelibs builds to that one, and to nightly instead of 
experimental. If that works, I'll adjust the others as well and add the 
missing modules.

> Do you already have a login ?

I have now, vkrause at

> I think you can register yourself to the projects then, i.e. kdelibs,
> kdesupport and kdepimlibs.

done for kdelibs already, I'll do it for the others as well later

> Ah, and in case you can't make yourself an admin of these projects, I'll do
> that for you :-)

I apparently can't do that myself

> I'd suggest you try with these three first and once that works we can add
> kdepim and kdebase.

yep, makes sense

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