Setting paths which depend on CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX

Michael Jansen info at
Fri Jun 5 19:42:12 CEST 2009

> > > will screw their /usr directory.
> >
> > How? Typically "make install" as user is not able to write into
> > root-owned /usr. So it has to be intentionnal, anyway, in that setup.

/usr/local is root owned too. At least here. So many tutorials say

"sudo make install"

When the user sees the dilemma it's to late.

> If a user is confronted with make install needing more permissions than he
> will just run sudo make install. People do that, without thinking because
> it'll get them a result in no time.
> In fact IMHO every of our tutorials should suggest to install into
> $HOME/foobar and then set KDEDIRS+run kbuildsycoca4.


A default should never do wrong/risky/hard do undo things. To install into the 
path where you distro provided packages are is just asking for trouble. 
Everyone wanting to do that should pretty much know what he is doing.

If we set this as the default it's like saying: "KDE suggests/supports/advises 
installing self compiled applications directly into $KDEDIR.

And users will happily just do that.


> Andreas

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