Weird cmake 'errors'

Brad King brad.king at
Fri Nov 21 19:13:54 CET 2008

Marijn Kruisselbrink wrote:
> When I try to compile any module other than kdelibs on Mac OSX, I get lots and 
> lots of "CMake Internal Error (please report a bug) in CMakeLists.txt: 
> GetLibraryNamesInternal called on imported target: kdecore", and similar 
> lines. Fortunately cmake still manages to generate correct Makefiles, but it 
> still is annoying. Is this something that is wrong in our usage of cmake, or 
> is cmake 2.6.2 (and cmake cvs trunk) just broken on Mac OSX?

CMake is expected to work on OSX.  Your usage is exposing a problem with
CMake.  We did not expect that line to get hit.  Does the message have
any context information?  Where does it appear in the CMake output?  Can
you please try to strip this down to a minimal example?


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