Fwd: [CMake] CMake 2.6.0 Beta ready for testing!

Brad King brad.king at kitware.com
Thu Mar 27 20:45:57 CET 2008

Alexander Neundorf wrote:
> cmake 2.6.0beta has been released :-)
> Everybody who is using cmake cvs with a version 2.5.x, please update your 
> cmake cvs (to 2.7) or to the 2.6 branch or just get the 2.6.0beta release.

FYI, the problem described here:


is no longer handled via the CMAKE_LINK_OLD_PATHS compatibility mode so
setting the variable for CMake 2.6 is useless.  Instead the new "CMake
Policy" mechanism handles the situation in a more compatible way.
Basically the compatibility linker search paths are added by default
(with a warning) until a policy is set to tell it not to do so.

For more information, see:


  cmake --help-policy CMP0003


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