cmake cvs head - dependencies broken

Brad King brad.king at
Fri Feb 22 17:08:39 CET 2008

David Faure wrote:
> CMakeFiles/kdecore.dir/depend.make is empty ("# Empty dependencies files, # This may be replaced when dependencies are built")
> CXX.includecache is up at  (strange syntax, is the "target" the first line after an empty line?)

Ask Alex, he wrote the include cache stuff, and it does make dependency
scanning amazingly fast.  I think the syntax is meant to be very fast to

>> Can you reproduce it in a new build tree? 
> OK, that was it.
> I deleted the kdecore build dir and ran cmake again, and now it works as expected.
> Maybe cmake could do like Qt's moc and say "this build tree was generated with cmake-2.4, you need to delete it and regenerate it to use this version of cmake" or something like that?

Well, the intention is to work with existing build trees.  I just tried
generating a simple example project with 2.4 and then running CMake from
CVS on it.  Everything still rebuilds correctly (both with and without
building between the cmake runs).  Are you able to reproduce this if you
create a kdecore tree with cmake 2.4 and then run cmake HEAD on it again?


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