cmake cvs and progress %

David Faure faure at
Thu Feb 21 19:17:50 CET 2008

If you're interested, another regression in cmake cvs head:

-cleo- dfaure 19:16 /d/kde/build/4/kdelibs/kded/test>make
makeobj[0]: Entering directory `/d/kde/build/4/kdelibs/kded/test'
[  0%] Built target kde4automoc
[ 26%] Built target kdecore
[ 26%] Built target kmimeassociationstest
[ 42%] Built target solid
[ 84%] Built target kdeui
[115%] Built target kio
[115%] Built target kmimefileparsertest
makeobj[0]: Leaving directory `/d/kde/build/4/kdelibs/kded/test'

I have seen >100% before, but only in strange cases (running two instances
of make in the same module at the same time, etc.).
Not for a simple run of "make" that has nothing to do, and without -j :)

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