Howto fix KDE4 Buildsystem with CMake CVS

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Wed Feb 6 00:15:11 CET 2008

On 06.02.08 00:00:55, Alexander Neundorf wrote:
> On Tuesday 05 February 2008, Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> > On 05.02.08 23:41:43, Alexander Neundorf wrote:
> ...
> > > No, we shouldn't add LINK_DIRECTORIES() somewhere global. We would do it
> > > only for KDE4_LIB_DIR, but the same breakage can happen with just any
> > > other library in any other dir.
> >
> > So you want to add that to the top level CMakeLists.txt in each module?
> No, this shouldn't be used at all.
> Because as I said, the same problem can not only happen for libraries which 
> are incidentially in KDE4_LIB_DIR, but also for any other libraries in any 
> other directories. 

Obviously, however as far as I understood with CMake 2.6 thats simply a
bug in the buildsystem of that library/app.

> Additionally I think using LINK_DIRECTORIES() might mess with cmake library 
> searching/ordering mechanisms. 

Uhm, well, according to Brad its the right thing to do, i.e. if you want
to use -lsolid (which we seem to want, or else we'd have to hardcode the
XXX_LIBS variables instead of using cmake for this) then you have to set
the link directory for this via LINK_DIRECTORIES.

> > (I've got patches at hand for what I have of trunk/) I'm using the
> > top-level CMakeLists.txt as thats also the place where most if not all
> > modules put the INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES(${KDE4_INCLUDE_DIR}) call.
> >
> > > Maybe we need to put that compatibility switch into KDE4Defaults.cmake or
> > > something like this.
> >
> > But isn't that global as well, i.e. inside a CMake module that gets
> > automatically loaded when you do find_package(KDE4)? 
> Yes, but this would make it work for all directories, not only for 

Which other directories? There's no other link dir than KDE4_LIB_DIR,
except if you have extra libs in other modules used in yet another
module. So for example FindKDEPimLibs.cmake should export
KDE4_PIMLIBS_LIB_DIR or similar and all apps that want to link against
pimlibs need to do an link_directories(...).

Either that (and doing the same for KDE4_LIB_DIR, i.e. setting it in
each svn module's CMakeLists.txt) or putting the link_directories(
KDE4_PIMLIBS_LIB_DIR) into FindKDEPimLibs.cmake (and similarly for

> Additionally KDE4Defaults is not loaded automatically when you do 
> find_package(KDE4), it is loaded explicitely using include(KDE4Defaults), so 
> if somebody doesn't want these defaults he can simply skip using that file.

Ah, ok.

> > At least thats what I meant with "global", put it into one of the files that
> > get read as soon as you search for KDE4.
> I'll try to get a better picture of that problem, so we can come up with a 
> good solution for KDE (I had to catch up with over a week of emails...)

No hurry, I've got the fixes locally so far and can continue to use
cmake cvs (as its soooo much faster for installing).


You are taking yourself far too seriously.

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