Patch for KDE4_INSTALL_ICONS to handle l10n-icons

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at
Mon Feb 4 23:52:07 CET 2008

On Saturday 26 January 2008, Chusslove Illich wrote:
> KDE4_INSTALL_ICONS does some fancy stuff with paths and names when
> installing icons, so I need it to support installing localized icons too.
> The possibility for these has been introduced by the new
> KLocale::localizedFilePath() method,
>75b34c99346748abe454a20efaf2757 which is used within KIconLoader.
> The patch just enables the macro to be called with optional language code
> argument, e.g:
>   kde4_install_icons( ${DATA_INSTALL_DIR}/foo/bar  de )
> in the directory with localized icons, which will then be installed into
> <paths_resolved_as_usual>/l10n/de.
> The changes in the patch should be non-invasive enough, but... :)

Yes, looks good.


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