changes to how kdepimlibs and kdebase/workspace are installed and found

Brad King brad.king at
Thu Dec 18 20:26:38 CET 2008

Alexander Neundorf wrote:
> On Thursday 18 December 2008, Brad King wrote:
>> Fortunately there is a pretty simple patch to 2.6.2 we can give to
>> distribution maintainers who want this to work to keep their system's
>> clean. I've included it below.
> Hmm, but I can't test for it.
> Right now I do 
> if(cmake >= 2.6.3)
>   install( to lib/cmake/foo)
> else
>   install( to lib/foo/cmake)
> endif
> Which means that if somebody has built KDE with 2.6.3, then he needs 2.6.3 to 
> build other software using it.
> I'm not sure this patch helps a lot.
> Or is it time for a ?

I meant that the distro maintainers could patch both CMake 2.6.2 and
their KDE 4.2 package to tuck these things down in lib/cmake/foo.  This
just provides a way for distro maintainers to keep things clean for
themselves without bumping requirements for anyone or rushing the 2.6.3


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