changes to how kdepimlibs and kdebase/workspace are installed and found

Brad King brad.king at
Tue Dec 9 20:09:56 CET 2008

Brad King wrote:
> When I first designed the find_package search procedure I proposed
>    <prefix>/(share|lib)/cmake/<name>*
> (see, 2006-08-25 10:04)
> just as you suggest.  The idea was that packages that already have a 
> lib/<name> directory can put all their files together (including the 
> cmake related files), but others can use lib/cmake/<name>* if they 
> prefer.  Later Alex convinced me that providing two places is confusing.
> I agree that cluttering /usr/lib with directories just for this one 
> purpose is not pretty.  I'll look at updating CMake to search the above 
> locations too.

I've fixed this in CMake HEAD:

/cvsroot/CMake/CMake/Source/cmFindPackageCommand.cxx,v  <-- 
new revision: 1.52; previous revision: 1.51

We'll include it in the 2.6 release branch.


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