recent KDE buildsystem changes that affect OSX?

Brad King brad.king at
Tue Apr 15 00:05:17 CEST 2008

Benjamin Reed wrote:
> I'm getting even more confused then...  "RUNTIME" means executables in
> this context, doesn't it?  Then maybe I was wrong in my assessment of
> what "BUNDLE" means in the install command in the first place... does
> it mean loadable modules (.bundle) or does it mean app-bundles?

It means app bundles.

> "bundle" is such an overloaded term in OSX that without explicit
> context it's hard to know what you're referring to specifically.  It
> would be clearer in the documentation if it was more like this:
>       The TARGETS form specifies rules for installing targets from a
>        project.  There are five kinds of target files that may be installed:
>        ARCHIVE, LIBRARY, RUNTIME, FRAMEWORK, and BUNDLE.  Executables are
>        treated as RUNTIME targets, except that those marked with the
>        MACOSX_BUNDLE property are treated as BUNDLE targets on OS X.  Static

I've updated the documentation accordingly.

I've also committed a fix that should make the old code continue to run 
(and use the RUNTIME destination).  I added a new policy CMP0006 that 
will warn about not providing a BUNDLE destination.


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