make install

Brad King brad.king at
Tue Oct 2 14:03:56 CEST 2007

Andreas Hartmetz wrote:
> Today it came up on IRC that we all don't like that make install 
> reinstalls *everything* every time you run it. The time to do this is a 
> considerable fraction of the total time to make install if few files 
> changed. What's even worse is that the heavy disk activity makes the 
> system respond very slowly during the install.
> AFAIK make install actually compares the installed files and the "new" 
> files for equality and only installs what has changed. That doesn't help 
> at all with speed and reducing the number of disk seeks.
> Apparently there is a bug report for this

There is alot of discussion in that bug report.

The comparison of files is not for speed on's for not 
changing timestamps of already installed files and causing all *other* 
code using the installed files to rebuild, which is potentially even 
slower.  There are also proposed solutions, but we've had higher 
priority things to implement.

> which I haven't readbecause you need an account to read bug reports 
> (what were they thinking???).

Our old bug tracker was cracked (spammed even without account).  The 
current one was setup in 1 day and all the bugs converted.  It hasn't 
been fully configured yet because our sysadmin is pretty busy.


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