cmake macro for pkgconfig library >= version

David Faure faure at
Thu May 3 18:41:25 CEST 2007

On Thursday 03 May 2007, Dirk Mueller wrote:
> Hi, 
> I've been tryign to find a useful cmake macro for checking if a library >= 
> someversion exists via pkgconfig. most places I could find in /trunk are 
> using pkgconfig manually (invoking via shell) and checking the return value. 
> this can't be the solution, can it?

From kdelibs' FindPkgConfig.cmake:

# Examples
#   [...]
#   pkg_check_modules (GLIB2   glib-2.0>=2.10)
#     requires at least version 2.10 of glib2 and defines e.g.
#       GLIB2_VERSION=2.10.3

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