[patch] problem with kdebase and HAVE_STRUCT_UCRED variable

fabien cordier fabiencordier2 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 22 18:29:58 CET 2007

Hello, i ad a problem while compiling kdesu.
It says that "struct ucred"  was redefined. Its because there is a
redefiniton in  secure.h like that :


// `struct ucred' is not defined in glibc 2.0.

struct ucred {
    pid_t     pid;
    uid_t     uid;
    gid_t     gid;


unfortenuately, there was an error in the  ConfigureChecks.cmake because
HAVE_STRUCT_UCRED was used to check if the struct already exists. Because of
the renaming of cmake, HAVE_STRUCT_UCRED were never devined.

so i just renamed HAVE_STRUCT_UCRED to STRUCT_UCRED  in
ConfigureChecks.cmake and it works .

i joined a patch of ConfigureChecks.cmake to this mail.
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