CMake in l10n-kde4

Thomas Reitelbach tr at
Thu Mar 15 16:52:32 CET 2007

Hello list,

my name is Thomas Reitelbach, i'm one of the team coordinators for german 
translations. I'm currently preparing myself to begin translation for KDE 4 
and came across the currently missing build system for translators.

Is anyone currently working on a CMake port of the build system for KDE4 l10n?

Some teams have already started translation effort for KDE 4, but currently we 
have to manually compile each PO file and copy it to it's final destination, 
which is much work compared to the old AM based system.
We have to check our translations with the corresponding program at runtime 
and thus have to install our translations.

Can anyone tell me more about it?

Thomas Reitelbach

There are 10 kind of people. Those who understand binary, and those 
who don't.
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