Proposed changes to FindQt4.cmake

Bill Hoffman bill.hoffman at
Wed Mar 7 15:32:26 CET 2007

Caleb Tennis wrote:
>> If you give cmake a ..../foo.framework as a link library, cmake will
>> convert it to the -framework for you when it creates the link line.
> Indeed it does.  This is good news.
> The only dilemma I'm having is that for the stock Qt 4.2.2 .dmg  
> framework, QtUiTools gets installed as a normal library in /usr/lib  
> even though the rest are frameworks.  This isn't a big deal, except  
> that FindQt4 uses NO_DEFAULT_PATH when looking, so it doesn't see it  
> there.
Is there something in qmake or some other config file that could be 
queried by cmake to determine this?  Seems to be a Mac only problem. For 
most systems all the qt libraries that go together are in the same 
place, and it would be bad to look for part of qt in a different 
place.   How does qmake handle this?


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