[Kde-dashboard] Problem with Nightly build for kde-dashboard at public.kitware.com imac-x86.befunk.com/i386-Apple-MacOSX-10.4-gcc4.0

William A. Hoffman billlist at nycap.rr.com
Fri Sep 29 20:06:52 CEST 2006

The problem is that the Custom files for ctest are not being read.
To fix this, you can use the command ctest_read_custom_files.  This
would go into the script that drives the dashboard.  (The one found
in the notes and run with ctest -S.)

Something like this:

# make sure the custom files are read after the configure step is done
# and the custom files are created.


At 09:16 AM 9/24/2006, Benjamin Reed wrote:
>So I'm using the test patches discussed earlier, and it doesn't seem
>to have helped.   Anyone have any solutions for this?  Right now the
>dashboard's useless if it prints an error for every build, I'm sure no
>one's watching it.
>Attached are my .cmake file for the continuous build, and the patch to
>kdelibs that is supposed to make it ignore warnings but apparently
>Any ideas how to fix it?
>On 9/24/06, kde-dashboard at public.kitware.com
><kde-dashboard at public.kitware.com> wrote:
>>A problem has arisen with Nightly build for kde-dashboard at public.kitware.com and you have been identified
>>as one of the authors who have checked in changes that are part of this build.
>>There are build errors: http://public.kitware.com/KDE/Testing/Sites/imac-x86.befunk.com/i386-Apple-MacOSX-10.4-gcc4.0/20060924-0100-Nightly/BuildError.html
>>The changes for this build are here: http://public.kitware.com/KDE/Testing/Sites/imac-x86.befunk.com/i386-Apple-MacOSX-10.4-gcc4.0/20060924-0100-Nightly/Update.html
>>The dashboard for the day is here:  http://public.kitware.com/KDE/Testing/Dashboard/20060924-0100-Nightly/Dashboard.html
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>>Kde-dashboard at kde.org
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