I think too many problem, nothing work properly

Peter Kümmel syntheticpp at gmx.net
Thu Nov 9 17:17:44 CET 2006

defresco wrote:
> I send the cmake-log but some text is in italian language I hope it's good
> for search the problem, thanks all.

Thanks, seems it could not find user32lib.
Have you installed the Platform SDK?
To use the IDE you most tell it that there is a platform SDK:

Open Visual C++, go to Tool->Options (in Italian of course)
in "Projects and Solutions" go to "VC++ Directories"
On the left add the paths to your Platform SDK Files:
for "Library Files": YOUR_PLATFORMSDK_PATH\lib
for "IncludeFiles":  YOUR_PLATFORMSDK_PATH\include

Looks like I have to update the Wiki again. ;)

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> Subject: I think too many problem, nothing work properly
> I'm using "Microsoft Visual c++ Express edition" on compiling Dbus, when
> type command "cmake -G"Visual Studio 8 2005" I see too many error that i not
> understand. Cmake don't work with ide on my PC. If I use Nmake it compile
> only the debug version. I'm really frustrated. Someone can tell me how build
> the relese version? Thanks all. 
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