msvc: makekdewidgets

Paulo Jorge Guedes Paulo.Guedes at
Mon May 15 13:11:23 CEST 2006

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> Paulo Jorge Guedes wrote:
> >> Could you post the error message.
> >
> > The error is that it can't find kdewin32 (on the configure step of
> cmake). Looking at FindKDEWIN32.cmake it's not a great surprise because it
> tries to find the libraries with a *d.
> > What happens if you have kdewin32 built with release? It doesn't find
> them :)
> > I think this is broken as it only allows a debug build.
> By default msvc produces the "d" version (when build with cmake -G"NMake
> Makefiles" ..\kdelibs\win)
> see kdelibs/win/CMakeLists:
> add_library(kdewin32 SHARED ${win_LIB_SRCS} )


> Maybe you've commented out the first line (like I did before
> the FindKDEWIN32 changes). Befeor my FindKDEWIN32 changes
> the pure svn version couldn't find kdewin32.
> Or I'm wrong?

You're right. That's why I used -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=release.


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