Status of cmake into kde

William A. Hoffman billlist at
Fri Mar 10 23:35:18 CET 2006

At 05:09 PM 3/10/2006, Peter Kümmel wrote:
>Alex Caudill wrote:
>> Could anyone comment on the steps taken to build kdelibs with msvc?
>A first version is now online at:
>But to change something you need a account which
>you can get from Jaroslaw Staniek:
>js !"§$-- AT --!"§$

I would change one thing.
When you build kdewin32.lib, you should create a separate
build directory for it.  Then you can remove the step
in building kdelibs that says del CMakeCache.txt.
Basically, use a separate build tree for kdewin32 and


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