Status of cmake into kde

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At 01:31 PM 3/10/2006, Alex Caudill wrote:

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>Alex Caudill wrote:
>>> Could anyone comment on the steps taken to build kdelibs with msvc?
>> Here on the list, for "personal use" only? :)
>> Were are the places of documentation, svn and a wiki?
>> Peter
>I'm not a very good programmer, but I have a few fairly snappy machines here
>and I'd like to help out and learn a bit. I'm a half-decent writer, so maybe
>I could make some contributions to the wiki? Where is it located? I've
>documented the steps I've taken so far... sorry if the formatting is
>horrible. This may be wildly different than the process you guys use, the
>most successful build I've had so far had over 100 errors, and more than
>1000 warnings. 

So, when you get things going, it would be nice if you were to set up a
dashboard for the windows build.  Would you be able to run nightly jobs
on your machine?  If so, I can help you set them up.  The results would go here:

I have not yet set up a windows build, as it is not all compiling yet.
However, it might be time to disable parts of the build that do not work,
and enable the parts that do work, so that ground is not lost.  (i.e. what
is working now, stays working.)  As new stuff starts to work, it can be added
to the build.

Now all we need is someone with a Mac that is free for several hours each night....


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