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Fri Jun 30 06:44:28 CEST 2006


After a small hiatus and a new laptop, I'm again looking at KDE
on native mac and I had a few questions about several modules
in kdebase.  In trying to build kdebase under OS X, I had problems


Looking at all three of these, they seemed to be pretty X11
centric.  Am I correct in assuming this and would it be appropriate
to therefore surround their add_subdirectory statments
in the CMakeLists.txt one level up with

if (Q_WS_X11)
endif (Q_WS_X11)

If so, I'll go ahead and check in my changes.

By not building those three directories, I was able to get
kdebase building on OS X and I got a few applications
running.  Here are some screenshots I took:

Kate worked pretty well.  Konqueror worked ok, but
it was EXTREMELY slow and not everything was correct.
Konsole worked except that control characters didn't
work.  Konqueror also tried to bring up the kwallet setup
dialog a couple of times and for some reason it was
sized at twice my screen width!  and resisted me making
it smaller.  I canceled it once, but then tried to go through it
the second time it came up but neither the password fields
nor the Finish button at the end would come un-greyed.

Anyway, thanks in advance for any suggestions about
those directories in question.

Tanner Lovelace

Tanner Lovelace
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