Cmake problems compiling kdelibs on OS X.

Tanner Lovelace clubjuggler at
Thu Jan 26 18:15:35 CET 2006

On 1/26/06, Tanner Lovelace <clubjuggler at> wrote:
> In attempting to compile kdelibs on OS X, I've run into the attached compile
> errors.  It appears the following lines in ConfigureChecks.cmake aren't
> correctly finding the function prototypes:
> check_prototype_exists(gethostname "stdlib.h;unistd.h" HAVE_GETHOSTNAME_PROTO)
> check_prototype_exists(initgroups
> "unistd.h;sys/types.h;unistd.h;grp.h" HAVE_INITGROUPS_PROTO)

Ok, so here's a patch to the check_prototype_exists macro that seems
to work for me.  With this patch, without modifying anything in
ConfigureChecks.cmake, it correctly finds prototypes for everything.
I based the patch on how cmake sets up its includes in their
check_type_size macro.  Alex, can you please try it on your system
and see if it works there also and if so apply it?  Thanks much.

Tanner Lovelace

Tanner Lovelace
clubjuggler at gmail dot com
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