experimental support for building kdelibs 4 with cmake

Brad King brad.king at kitware.com
Sun Jan 15 21:58:32 CET 2006

Alexander Neundorf wrote:
> On Sunday 15 January 2006 21:27, David Faure wrote:
>>Does cmake support srcdir != builddir? This would be convenient to test
>>compiling the same kdelibs source tree with the three build systems :-)
> Yes. Run cmake in another directory:
> E.g. with the sources in ~/src/kdelibs/
> $ cd ~/src/kdelibs-build/
> $ cmake ~/src/kdelibs/

This is in fact the recommended and preferred way to use CMake.

Note that once there is an in-source build there can be no out-of-source 
builds using the same source tree.  We used to support it but had too 
many problems with people leaving old configured or generated headers 
around in their source trees from in-source builds and then complaining 
when the out-of-source build failed.  If the path given to CMake has a 
build tree in it already then it will re-generate that build tree. 
Therefore once an in-source build is created then any attempt to use the 
above commands will just re-generate the in-source build.


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