howto install rules ?

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Fri Jan 13 00:05:55 CET 2006

On 1/12/06, David Faure <faure at> wrote:

> > 1) INSTALL_FILES( /share/applications/kde FILES kpager.desktop )
> > The path is relative to the installation prefix.
> > Is it necessary to use a variable for this path ?
> Yes, see ./configure --datadir=...
> It is known that some distributions install things with another hierarchy
> than the default; at least debian used to do it for a long time, don't know
> if that's still the case.

One thing to note.  Generally, when I see someone use
./configure --datadir=... or similar they are wanting to place
config files outside of the specified installation prefix (i.e. /usr/local)
and in a central location (like /etc).  With CMake, I don't believe
the INSTALL_FILES command has the concept of a directory
outside of the specified installation prefix.  In other words, if you set
the variable $KDE_DATA_DIR to be /etc and the installation
prefix was /usr/local the command install_files($KDE_DATA_DIR FILES configfile)
would put it in /usr/local/etc.

I'm sure there are ways to handle what you want, but I think
it's helpful to understand the unstated implications of a command
just so no one is surprised.

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