bksys / scons (Re: win32 port)

William A. Hoffman billlist at nycap.rr.com
Wed Jan 11 16:26:51 CET 2006

At 02:49 PM 1/10/2006, Nagy Thomas wrote:

>To extend cmake one has to patch it and code in c.
>Pretty problematic for programs that prefer to come
>with their own compilation scripts.

Hi, I am one of the cmake developers. Alexander asked me to join
in on this discussion.   We are of course interested in KDE using

It all depends on what you mean by extending cmake.
If you are going to support a new IDE format like Xcode or Visual
studio, or KDevelop, then you have to write C++ code.  If you are
porting to a new make based compiler, it can be done with cmake
code, and can even be done without modifying cmake.

I think CMake is up to the job, and the CMake developers are willing
to help you with any problems.


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