bksys / scons (Re: win32 port)

David Faure faure at kde.org
Mon Jan 9 19:38:27 CET 2006

On Monday 09 January 2006 18:33, Jaison Lee wrote:
> scons/bksys has been in development for months and yet it seems to be
> months away at best from even being serviceable. Perhaps it's time to
> cut our losses and run.

Honestly, that's my feeling too. As it is right now, we're stuck: no way
to work on the configuration since it's not modular, and no way to compile
kdelibs since kconfig_compiler can't be run.

> On 1/9/06, Alexander Neundorf <neundorf at kde.org> wrote:
> > -they have a fully working configure-like framework, dead-easy to use
Is it modular, i.e. does it collect the tests from various subdirs of the source tree?

> > -cmake can generate Makefiles and *projects* for KDevelop3, MSVC 6,7, XCode
Generating Makefiles is probably the ugly thing about it.
You don't mention performance; how fast does "make" go on an already built tree,
compared to unsermake or bksys?

> > -I added cmake files to compile software for KDE3 some days ago to svn,
> > including sample CMakeLists.txt (generated by am2cmake):
> > http://websvn.kde.org/trunk/KDE/kdesdk/cmake/kde3/

Some abstraction work is needed, of course, e.g.
INSTALL_FILES( /share/apps/kconf_update FILES kcalcrc.upd )
shouldn't hardcode /share/apps, but should use some variable for it (kde_datadir).

But other than that, well, we'll get used to the syntax I guess :)

> > -not sure: relinking during installation
That would be awfully slow. Can you look into that? Does it relink during installation,
or relink when launching a local binary (like libtool), or does it use LD_LIBRARY_PATH
(which breaks with rpath, as Thiago said).

> > -no progress percentage: this can not be done in cmake, since cmake is no
> > buildsystem itself, it just generates input files for the native buildsystem
Personally I can live without that. We can always make an unsercmake one day ;)

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