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Thu Feb 16 17:19:14 CET 2006

Peter Kümmel wrote:
>> getnameinfo is _defined_ in netsupp.cpp which is not included in
>> WIN32. Don't know if it's supposed to be.
> defined) in config.h then getnameinfo is defined in netsupp.cpp. So
> something goes wrong with your configure process.

Recent POSIX and all IPv6-capable systems should provide getaddrinfo and 
getnameinfo. It's even in RFCs. It's the only true thread-safe and 
IPv6-capable way of resolving hostnames.

However, we still support old systems that don't have it. And there are 
some that have broken implementations, so we override it.

It makes no sense to have getaddrinfo but not getnameinfo or vice-versa. 
So we only test for one.

Can you check if you have getaddrinfo and getnameinfo in your system?
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