win32 build stops with linker error

Thiago Macieira thiago at
Wed Feb 15 15:10:49 CET 2006

David Faure wrote:
>> But then you should use KDE_EXPORT instead!
>For unix KIO_EXPORT or KDE_EXPORT is the same, so I'll trust you to use
> whichever works for the Windows side, I'm just surprised that all libs
> reading that .h would think that they need to export the symbol
> again...

They're weak symbols. The dynamic linker chooses one copy (any of them) of 
the symbol and that's it.

And about templates, they won't be exported on ELF platforms unless used 
-- and then only those symbols that were used.

For instance, exports a total of 0 QMap symbols.

$ nm -DC lib/ | grep QMap
000b3d2a T QSettingsPrivate::processChild(QString, 
QSettingsPrivate::ChildSpec, QMap<QString, QString>&)
000d3d58 T QAbstractItemModel::setItemData(QModelIndex const&, QMap<int, 
QVariant> const&)
0005d7a8 T QMapData::createData()
0005d88e T QMapData::node_create(QMapData::Node**, int)
0005d9f6 T QMapData::node_delete(QMapData::Node**, int, QMapData::Node*)
0018bbc0 D QMapData::shared_null
0005d828 T QMapData::continueFreeData(int)
00100b9a T QVariant::QVariant(QMap<QString, QVariant> const&)
00100b62 T QVariant::QVariant(QMap<QString, QVariant> const&)
000b672a T QSettings::registerFormat(QString const&, bool (*)(QIODevice&, 
QMap<QString, QVariant>&), bool (*)(QIODevice&, QMap<QString, QVariant> 
const&), Qt::CaseSensitivity)

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